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Rathborne- Last Forgiven


I Am Reappeared! Frank Turner returns to steal your Tape Deck Heart!

It has been far too long! I spent the winter trying to turn myself into a machine with a crazy workout routine but I am back now, still in human form enjoying an I.P.A. and listening to Frank Turner’s “Tape Deck Heart”. I feel like I just took “England Keep My Bones” out of my car because “I Am Disappeared” is one of the coolest songs I have ever heard. Tape Deck Heart is even more brilliant, full of vibrant songs packed with punch, punk, and piano including “Plain Sailing Weather”, “Recovery”, and the ever so epic “The Way I Tend To Be”. This is  a record will have you spinning all summer long. Polaroid Picture is the perfect windows rolled down nostalgia song with lyrics like “in the stillness of the moment make sure you take a polaroid picture and keep it with you forever to remind yourself that there was this one time when things were okay.” Right now is the perfect time to discover Frank Turner.

Frightened Rabbit Pedestrian Verse Streaming Now!

Stream Frightened Rabbit’s upcoming Pedestrian Verse!Image


The Paradox of Choice

I saw this a while ago and I enjoyed it. Schwartz really poses a great argument about the inordinate amount of choices that are put in front of us anywhere we go in today’s society. Are more choices better? Or would we really gain more by having less?

This Makes it Official

Well, this is where it all begins. Kevin and I will be posting on a pretty regular basis, and we hope to add some good stuff real soon. Be on the lookout for our Winter 2012 Mix tape within a week. There are a lot of good known and semi-unknown artists on there that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season so far. S2WE7TJ82UGJ