Bring in the Noyse

The best band I discovered in 2012 was Aunt Martha. I heard a song called “Bloodshot”, and then proceeded to buy their entire discography off iTunes. Their most recent release was February 2011 so I started digging, and discovered that Aunt Martha is now defunct, however Tim Noyes (the voice of Aunt Martha) released an 8-song album called “In Hands” this past February. These tunes are rock solid and need to be heard. “In Hands” kicks off with “Fade With You” featuring Noyes’ smooth vocals set to dreamy distorted guitars. “Saturday”, the album’s second cut, is complex and beautiful with sonic guitars in rhythm with Noyes’ a little more than slightly hushed vocals. Noyes then proceeds to knock the dust off of one of my favorite Aunt Martha songs in a beautifully re-worked “Blue Buildings”. Noyes makes damn sure not to waste any time on these 8 tracks delivering songs that are sure to shimmer and shine all summer long. Do yourself a favor and dig into the Noyse, Aunt Martha and everything after.

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