Damn Good.


On a random day some odd years ago right around the time I got back from Wilmington North Carolina I discovered The Damnwells on a whim. I heard the smooth groove of “Golden Days” come on whatever Pandora station I had spinning at the time. It was one of those musical moments when time stops and you just get lost in the notes. I purchased their record “Air Stereo” and became good good friends with it for quite some time. It wasn’t until Alex Dezen released demos of songs like the gut-wrenchingly beautiful “Bastard of Midnight”, and the heartbreaking, “Down with the Ship” that I fell in love with The Damnwells. Dezen’s songs transcend no matter how loud or soft they’re played which is what makes him so good. There is something to be said for an artist who can rip your heart out so beautifully with an acoustic guitar, and then make you dance when you’re feeling better. It’s going on 2013 and I have been hanging with The Damnwells for almost seven years now. Do yourself a favor and get lost in their catalogue this winter.

Notable tracks: Golden Days, Like it is, She Goes Around, Kiss Catastrophe, I am a leaver.


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